Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chrome Jesus-Anti-Aquarian CS (2009)

I've been reading about land disputes in medieval Tuscany all day, so I have about as much energy as a medieval peasant. So I'll cut the shit and just give you whatcha want, music-
Digging potatoes.

This is a 200-copy tape Wes Eisold, Cold Cave boywonder, put out a few years ago. Noisy, cluttered, clanging electronic noise with beats buried underneath. It's a lot closer to the Prurient end of things than the direction Cold Cave's gone in since. Hospital Productions released it...good luck finding it for less than $50 or so, these days.

*Edit, 8.3.12: I re-upped the file, you can now download it here *
*Edit, 10.18.13: And again, get it here *

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  1. Is there any way you could re-up this? I am struggling to find it anywhere. Thanks.