Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alone & Forsaken III: "God Says 'Fuck You.'"

"All alone. No one to talk to. Come over here so I can talk to you."-Lou Reed, introduction to Please Kill Me

Yup, it's another installment in the chartbusting, record-setting "Alone & Forsaken" series over here at Drug Punk Aitch Kew. This one rides a steady wave of brooding misanthropy until culminating in the gurgling bloody mess that is Billy Bao and Brain Bombs. Electric Eels are almost civilized in comparison!

Get stupid.

The Ramones-Now I wanna sniff some Glue
Negative Approach-Negative Approach
Sex/Vid-Authority of Scripture
Cult Ritual-Hunger Pains
Coughs-Life of Acne
Cold Sweat-Dead End Decision
Blight-Be Stupid
Billy Bao-My Life is Shit
Brain Bombs-Slutmaster
Filth-Today's Lesson
Pigeon Religion-Huge Bummer
Electric Eels-Sewercide
Running-Klassic Rok/Classic 'Ron
Scratch Acid-She Said
Absum-side A of Discography CS

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