Monday, September 19, 2011

Acid Kicks-Life Dreams 7" EP (2011)

This blog isn't exactly famous for hosting texture-heavy music. I'll usually side with a sledgehammer over a rapier for good times. So this three-tune EP by Philly's Acid Kicks threw me for a curve: the production's amazing, and the music actually expands and contracts, although the structures are basically PR-level simple.

Acid Kicks specialize in carving out grooves so heavy, they might be chiseled out of the Mines of Moria. While the three bass guitars respectively sculpt, reinforce, and clobber home the ambience, the drums set up a kraut rock-style beat that wends and winds through space. The breezy trumpets that pop in and out of each track reinforce the heavily-drugged, magic carpet ride feel of the tunes.

       I'd like to see the Kicks live, as I can't tell how much of this EP's sound is due to the stellar production, or the band itself. Either way, this is some heavy, blissfully zonked out stuff, and I look forward to more of it.

Check it out on Band Camp. The 7" is well worth purchasing, as the cover is gorgeous: on a par with Do Make Say Think, aesthetically. 

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  1. Thanks! We recorded the album live except for vocals and trumpet, so really appreciate the comments on production quality and that you were able to ride the magic carpet with us. We should have a split 12'' with True Gold out sometime soon, so will let you know. Hopefully sometime before or after that we will find ourselves in your neck of the woods. Keep it surreal. Stay true to the punk rock american dream and thanks again.