Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"In the flat field I do get bored:" a(nother) mixtape

Yes dear readers, I present you with another installment in my semi-occasional  mixtape series. By "semi-occasional," I mean, "whenever I'm too tired, busy, or lazy to post something new." Smarties that you are, you'll see the threads connecting these tunes right quick.

Enjoy!...or not.

1. Maria Minerva-A Little Lonely
2. Blank Dogs-Northern Islands
3. Brigade Internationale-Remember my Death
4. Gil Scott-Heron-Me and the Devil (Robert Johnson original)
5. Led Er Est-Drosophilia Melanogaster
6. Martial Canterel-Nightfall in Camp
7. Chromagain-Satisfied
8. Xeno and Oaklander-Cold Forever
9. Carol-Breakdown
10. Pretty Poison-No Tears
11. The Cure-The Love Cats
12. The Middle Class-A Skeleton at the Feast
13. Waskerley Way-Pombo Pombo Pombo
14. HTRK-She's Seventeen
15. Keep Shelly in Athens-Fokionos Negri Street
16. Clive Tanaka y Su Orquestra-Lonely for the High Scrapers
17. Koralleven-Shine On

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