Friday, September 2, 2011

Siekiera-Nowa Aleksandria

One of my ex-girlfriends used to regale me with tales her mother told her about growing up outside Krakow during the 1970s. According to her, the major event of the year was on Christmas, when a truckload of oranges would be delivered to the village, one orange per person. The rest of the year it was mostly black bread and various, delicacies....

Anyways, Zsofia [I can't type Magyar characters on this keyboard] from Piresian Beach described this to me as "panel house music." She's absolutely right-this is a slab of bleak, driving, utterly mechanized despair from behind the Iron Curtain. The Killing Joke influence is pretty clear, but Siekiera can't be reduced to a Factory Records clone for the Iron Curtain;  on some of these tracks, they come closer to the Soviet-era punk I've heard.

It's Labor Day weekend here in the States, so why don'tcha celebrate the dignity of labor with this slab 'o' wax from a time and place where the workers, theoretically, were in the driver's seat?

Further all the time. There's rumors of a re-issue, but I haven't been able to track it down online. Check this out for a thorough band bio in English.

*EDIT, 9.9.12: Reup'd the file, download HERe.
*Edit, 1.21.14: Reup'd the file again, download HERE !* 

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