Sunday, September 18, 2011

Artimus Pyle-Fucked from Birth Lp (2004)

The later the night grows, the darker the sounds. Cicadas, drunken lovers, Artimus Pyle....
...I only saw these dudes once, at the Subterranean in Chicago. They played with Bloody Minded and Dropdead. My favorite moments of that show were:
1) [non-musically:] Being stuck in the pit behind some asshole whose bag had "Straight Edge" and "Fuck Marlboro" patches, but who bummed a cigarette off me, post-show.
2) [Musically]:
2a) Bloody Minded's brutal assault on all those idiot hardcore kids' tender, fragile ears.
3a) Artimus Pyle's unrelenting, brooding deluge of heavy, growling hardcore.  If the atrocities of Abu-Ghraib had a voice, it would be this LP.

Relax/have a drink! Prank did a second pressing of the LP, BUY IT!  Jensen, the drummer, went on to form Iron Lung. Robert's now in No Statik, among many other projects.

*I can't remember what year this was released. I'm saying 2004 because this band really sums up the Bush years for me: brutal, grinding, and dark as the night. *

*EDIT, 9.9.12: Reup is HERE. *

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