Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ultimo Resorte-Cementerio Caliente EP (1982)

Ultimo Resorte needs no introduction for Spanish/Catalan punks, I'm guessing-they bridged first-wave Spanish punk with hardcore in Barcelona. Around New Year's I was talking to a Latino punk from NYC, though, and when I mentioned liking Ultimo Resorte he did a double-take and looked at me weird-"I didn't know white people knew about Ultimo Resorte!"

So, my fellow crackers, here ya go. This EP has a unique sound, especially in the guitar. It's really dirty and guttural, and on "Violencia" the guitarist uses a distortion effect that sounds terrifying. Yet the band always maintains some sort of harmony under the grime: "Johnny Mofeta" even has a wicked, sinuous bass line. The whole thing sounds trashy, mean, and urgent, just like punk should. 
 Oh, and the singer, Silvia, was hanging out with and photographed Sid & Nancy in 1979. It resulted in a fistfight between her and Nancy...big surprise, huh?

Llama la muerte.... La Vida es un Mus Records put out an excellent discography that you'd be a fool not to purchase. There's an excellent English-language bio of the band on Kill from the Heart.

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