Friday, September 9, 2011

Thee Source ov Fawnation-This is Psydust CS (2011)

I started listening to noise music several years ago, when the numbing ritual that is hardcore punk began to grow stale. Initially thrilled by the sheer brutality of Chicago acts like Bloody Minded and their ilk, the premise quickly wore thin. Turns out that people pressing buttons to produce a horrid racket isn't much more interesting than 1-2-3-4 punk idiocy.

Thus Thee Source ov Fawnation, Olympia's newest, meanest shitpsych extravaganza. Unlike most of the drooler drone I was nodding out to ca. 2007, Brian and Pearson weave electronic pulse-level beats, oddly soothing vocal tracks, and short, sharp bursts of white noise to create something approaching what Popol Vuh might sound like if they were starting out now, in our post-techno, post-power electronics times. It sounds retarded in print, but somehow works quite well. Hell, I've been blasting it for an hour straight, sober the whole time!

Get into it. For a larger view of the truly excellent cover art, click here. West Coast folk, take note! This is limited to 35 copies they'll be selling on their upcoming tour, the dates of which are:
09.14.11 House Show | Boise, ID  
09.15.11 House Show | Salt Lake City, UT   
09.16.11 TBA | Las Vegas, NV  
09.17.11 The Castle | Los Angeles, CA
Summer Fun Time Society & DUM DUM present...
+ Luna is Honey, KILLKILLKILL, Jung Hollywood, WMX, Pulse Out, The Flytraps, Tleilaxu Music Machine

09.18.11 White Lotus Collective | Long Beach, CA  
09.20.11 TBA | Los Angeles, CA  
09.21.11 Lot 1 | Los Angeles, CA
The Spread presents...

09.24.11 Zool | Oakland, CA
Record Label Records Fest
+ Wisp, Terminal 11, Xanopticon, Scuzi, Kush Arora, William S. Braintree, DJ John Yoo

09.25.11 House Show | Portland, OR

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