Saturday, September 10, 2011

"This ain't no party/this ain't no disco": Serious music for serious times mixtape

So we all know what tomorrow is, right? You got it, kiddies! The 38th anniversary of the U.S. government-backed coup that overthrew Chile's democratically-elected Salvador Allende! Yeah!

To celebrate the eve of such a gloriously awful occasion, I offer thee this mixtape. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and sulk while meditating on the evils of real politik and Henry Kissinger's many crimes.
Or just turn it up and getcha Saturday night drink on. Whatever.

I know it don't thrill ya....

Track Listing:
Cro-Mags-World Peace (demo version)
Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer
Negative Approach-Lead Song
 Circle Jerks-Live fast, die young
Artificial Peace-Wasteland
Svart Framtid-Religios [sic] Terror
Rational Animals-Perception Becomes Reality
Smoking Popes-Let's Hear it for Love
Nohopekids-The Lone Surfer pt. 2
Triptides-Beneath the Sun
The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Malela
Broken Water-Dead Light
Dinosaur Jr.-In a Jar
Neon Piss-Golden State Advantage
Elvis Costello-Welcome to the Working Week
The Clash-Protex Blue
The Cure-Killing an Arab
The Proletariat-Marketplace

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