Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eskorbuto/RiP-Zona Especial Norte split LP (1985)

Another Spanish[/Basque] '80s punk classic, well-known but neglected by most Yankee punx. Eskorbuto ("Scurvy") was, by all accounts, one of the most notorious Basque/Spanish punk bands-numerous arrests, a violently confrontational attitude, and death-by-heroin for two of the three original members...uplifting stuff.

Eskorbuto bashes out 8 tracks of snide, mid-tempo punk. It's quite similar to the sound that crystallized on their classic LP, Anti-Todo ("Anti-everything"). Altogether they're one of my favorite '80s bands, and they sorta give you a sense of Billy Bao's historical context.

I can't find much, not reading Spanish, about RiP. But their 4 tracks blaze by in a rush of clipped drumming and ripping guitar that's close to Never Again-era Discharge, without slavishly imitating their English brethren.

Mierda! Mierda! Munster Records released a sick re-issue of this split a few years ago, with extra tracks and a 'zine. BUY THE FUCKER!

*EDIT, 10.31.12: Reup'd the file. Download HERE. *


  1. Although 2/3rds of the band died from heroin, they were not a pro-heroin band. Members even did anti-heroin PSA's shortly before their deaths.

  2. @ Kevin-Edited, and thanks for the info. I didn't intend to come off like they were pro-heroin, just mentioning the endpoint of the band.