Monday, September 12, 2011

Horrible Houses-Dead Cattle Volcano LP (2011)

By way of an introduction:
Hey, you know gun for the ps2? where you start in montana, hunting elk with kris kristofferson, and end up in new mexico? it's like when your bathroom isn't there in the morning. i think you should not listen to my band. same mail day after day, shower after shower before taking a bath, we're like that.

Er, exactly. The first few times I listened to this, I hated it. It actually offended me. Figuring that music capable of offendng me must have something goin' for it, I persisted. It's fuckin' good! 

Y'see, I woke up with a skullcrusher of a hangover on Sunday, still drunk at 3 pm, and blasted this all afternoon. Horrible Houses didn't cure my hangover, in fact the relentless cymbals-guitar combo made it worse. But it did make for a pretty good soundtrack to an afternoon spent laying on the couch with a pillow over my eyes, hiding from reality!

The last two tracks are the best. The opening guitar lick for "Haunted RIvers Family Tapes" sounds like a lost John Fahey riff gone electric, and the drumming is almost, dare I say it, fluid. "A Whore's Lament" seems to be just that, a folksee account of, well, a whore set to a jangly riddim. If your idea of a hangover cure is blasting one-tone garage fuzz, you'll dig Horrible Houses.

Today you're gonna be sick/so sick... Or, if downloading a zip file is unbearable, check out the Horrible Houses' Soundcloud page!

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