Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Purling Hiss-Lounge Lizards EP

This is almost as lo-fi as the Bad Banana demo, putting it high in the running for lowest-fi rock record of the incipient decade. Most of these songs sound like Mike Pollize (Birds of Maya, Holy Mountain) recorded direct into a boombox. Nevertheless, under the mud, this is a tasty treat indeed.

The downed-out dirge "Voices" opens Lounge Lizards, and it's classic scuzz rock: squalling, sludgy riff, minimal drumming, bombed out vox...what more can ya ask for? "The Hoodoo" almost gets up enough energy to classify as boogie, with Pollize crooning about meeting down the favoritest track, though, is "Been Teased," with a big bad guitar riff straight outta a lost Dead Boys demo. The last two tracks just sorta slog along, and sound like half-finished ideas, but overall this is a sweet debut.

Get into it.  I stole this from the Tiny Grooves blog, which you should check out. Then, grab the physical vinyl over at Mexican Summer Rex while it's still available! Permanent Records  recently released an LP by dood, grab that, too. See the Purling Hiss page for tours, releases, et. al. Where's my beer?

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