Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peligro Social-No Religion LP (2006)

I've been up on Adderal for two days! Typing up medieval court records! They're fucking boring! In fact, they put me to sleep! That's why I'm on Adderal!

So I put on this record! Sometimes Peligro Social rips off The Clash!
Now I have a fucking fever, and I can't sleep! Shit's gettin' crucial! Time has stopped but time keeps speeding up! Between the drum beats and the guitar riffs of Peligro Social, dunno if it's '77 or '82!
I don't understand what PS is singing about! But I think that I agree!

Fuck religion! Fuck a future! Download this album, then buy the LP from No Options Records! Email the dude who runs it, and he'll sort out the details! Good night!

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